(Add $1 for brown rice or $2 for fried rice)

Fried Rice

Shrimp or Steak – $13.00
Chicken or Vegetable & Tofu – $12.00

Stir Fried Noodles

Udon (soft wheat noodle) or Soba (fresh buckwheat noodles; gluten free)

Shrimp or Steak – $13.00
Chicken or vegetable & tofu – $12.00

Noodle Soup Bowl

Japanese Ramen – Fresh noodles in tonkatsu broth with snow peas, shitake mushrooms, carrots, brocolli, & napa
Buckwheat Soba – bonito seaweed broth with shitake, crabsticks, New Zealand mussels, tofu with napa, snow peas and carrots

Shrimp or Steak – $13.00
Chicken or Vegetable & tofu – $12.00

Yosonabe Noodle Soup – $14.00

Yam noodles in a rich seafood broth with shrimp, scallop, fishcakes, mussels, tofu & seasonal veggies

Teriyaki Dinner

Grilled over‏ a bed of onions smothered in teriyaki sauce served with a choice of miso soup or garden salad and a bowl of white rice

Scallop – $19.00
Salmon, Shrimp or Steak – $18.00
Chicken or Tofu Vegetable – $15.00

Dinner Bento Boxes

Served with California roll, two pieces of shrimp tempura, three pieces of gyoza, and bowl of white rice (add $1 for brown rice, add $2 for fried rice). Served with a choice of miso soup or garden salad.

Chicken or Fish Teriyaki – $15.00

Salmon, Shrimp or Steak Teriyaki – $19.00
Scallop teriyaki – $19.00
fish katsu – $17.00
Tofu and Vegetable – $15.00

(Vegetable bento boxes come with vegetable tempura, vegetable gyoza, and cucumber avocado roll)

CHildren’s Menu (10 and under)

Comes with white rice.

Chicken Teriyaki – $10.00
Steak or Shrimp Teriyaki – $12.00

SIDES (with entrees only)

Chicken, Shrimp or Steak – $5.00
Tempura Shrimp (1pc) – $2.00